Looking back fondly at coloring

Feb 4-5 2017 Calendar

Back in February, my friend Brent and I were doing an almost daily exercise of coloring in a page from the Johanna Basford daily 2017 calendar. We would give each other five colors to use and then we just colored. Eventually we started incorporating being able to use white and gray to supplement things.

Johanna Basford 2018 Coloring Day-to-Day Calendar

I usually didn’t fully complete the whole drawing, but that wasn’t the point. The point was to sit down and spent some time coloring each day. However much got colored was fine. Once in a while though, I did get through the whole drawing and liked it enough to photograph it such as in this case. I was very pleased with the way the shading came out so I took a photo of it. I came across the photo today and thought, “Wow, that did come out pretty nicely.”

Do you ever look back at a coloring project and think, “Wow! I did a good job there!”? I hope you do.


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