Bullet Journal: November 2017

I’m finally using my Bullet Journal again. Back in July, August and September I was using spreads with all sorts of mood trackers, YouTube trackers and habit trackers and I discovered that when It came time to draw the next spread I just didn’t want to do it after a while so I just stopped using the Bullet Journal altogether. So in October I went full minimal with as few spreads as I could get away with and still get some things done.

This is November’s spread. As you can see, it’s four pages. The month in view, a list of monthly areas of focus, then the first week’s project list and the first day’s task list. No drawings, no fancy trackers or tables. Just text and bullets. The monthly areas of focus is something I picked up from the book Getting Things Done by David Allen where you have a different levels of focus and in this case the monthly areas are above the project level to the overall activities I want to focus on. Projects go onto the weekly page and then the daily discrete next actions go in the daily pages.

I’m hoping that I’ll start using the notebook more regularly if there isn’t quite as much upkeep and if I manage to use it more faithfully then I can start incorporating other spreads as my enthusiasm grows and then drop them when it wanes. That’s the joy of the Bullet Journal system. If it’s not working, then drop it and do something else. The notebook is forgiving. Just turn the page and start on a fresh two page spread and keep going.

Leuchtturm 1917 Dotted Journal

Getting Things Done by David Allen

I’m also hoping that as I continue to use the notebook that when I do my logging of tasks that I’ll drop in a quick stamped image to help make it more personal and then color these in later.

The Bullet Journal will be back in a month or so and you’ll be able to see how I’m doing with it at that point.


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