Finally starting to get the hang of Copics

Years ago I bought a basic set of Copic Ciao markers and they’ve been sitting there on my stamp table for years and I have never managed to figure the darned things out. Pencils are easy for me. Blending that kind of pigment is almost second nature now but Copics still escape me. Tonight I pulled them out and tried them on a stamped image on cream cardstock. This is from the Lawn Fawn You’re Claw-some set.


I’m still not sure I completely have the hang of these. I like how the purple and pink ones came out, but the brown and beige ones still look kind of wonky to me. But considering I’ve rarely used them, that seems like a not so bad first attempt after years of disuse.

You can see that I have some feathering where I laid down too much ink with the browns and it bled across the link of black ink. Also, the die cut is not centered properly which annoys me, but since it’s practice I’m just letting it slide for now.

With a bit more practice and knowledge of how to combine the different tones of color I might actually be decent at it.


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