Why I use pencil in my Bullet Journal


I use pencil on the monthly page of my Bullet Journal. Most of the time when you see Bullet Journal users they only write in pen, either ballpoint, fountain or a drawing pen like the Sakura Micron pens. And yes, I own and use Sakura Micron pens myself depending on what I’m doing.

However, what you can’t do with them is erase them and as a freelancer things move around on me so frequently I cannot write everything in pen because I’d end up crossing stuff out in order to write the appointment in elsewhere and then run out of space, so most of my calendar notes on the monthly page are written in pencil. I almost never write something in pen unless it’s something that can’t be changed such as someone’s birthday.

This is the only place where I use pencil. In the daily record if I discard a task I cross the whole thing out which lets me know later when I see it that I decided to not do it. Erasing it would cause me to possibly forget that I had decided to let a task or project go.

Do you use pencil in your Bullet Journal?


3 thoughts on “Why I use pencil in my Bullet Journal

  1. Interesting. I use a pencil more and more in my bullet journal – usually a mechanical pencil. I have a vintage Parker 51 mechanical pencil that I love using. It works well with a stencil and has a nice look. Oddly, I never erase.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    1. I use a Pilot RexGrip 0.5 mm pencil and I actually have three of them in different colors because they all have different leads in them (H, F and HB lead). I have to go softer on slicker papers because if I try to use an H lead on them, it’ll make a squeaking sound that is up there with nails down a chalkboard.

      I looked up the Parker 51 since I wasn’t familiar with it and that is a nice looking pencil. I see why you use it.

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      1. I’m a fountain pen aficionado – a user, not a collector. And the Parker 51 is a classic- arguably the best pen ever made. I bought one off of ebay and it came with a pencil – which I fell in love with. Uses a .9 mm lead – so it makes a thick line.

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