Going through my Christmas stamps


As the holidays approach I put away my Halloween stamps and started to break out my Christmas ones and ran across these four beauties. These are from the ornaments set from Stampa Barbara which originally came in several different sizes. These four were the smallest size and I bought them at their Costa Mesa store back in 1992 or 1993, so yes, these stamps are 25 years old. The owner of Stampa Barbara sold off the assets to Clearsnap in 1999 after the stores themselves closed which was a sad, sad day for California rubber stampers. They had the best stuff ever. The first time I visited their store in Costa Mesa (right after it opened) not only did they have a crapton of rubber stamps that I wanted, they were playing Brent Spiner’s album “Ol’ Yellow Eyes is Back” in the background. One of these still had the original price sticker on it of $4.25.

What other gems of rubbery goodness are in my stamp storage bins? Stay tuned to find out.


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