Don’t “butch up” your cards


I see this kind of article crop up in stamping and card making magazines fairly regularly:

  • “Making cards more manly”
  • “Cards for men”
  • “Man cave cards”

Now, I’m not going to put down the magazines. They’ve discovered an article niche that needed filling because apparently there are men out there who demand that the people in their lives make them more manly birthday cards. But in my opinion, if you give that special man in your life a beautiful card that you made yourself and he complains that it’s not manly enough then either make sure he gets American Greetings from Wal*Mart from here on out or better yet, consider kicking him to the curb.

When I make a card, I make something that I like to look at. I see it as a way of sharing a bit of myself with the person I’m giving it to. I skew the content to be personalized of course, but I don’t try to make my cards more masculine or feminine; I make them to reflect myself and my relationship with the other person.

Make your cards and art your way. That’s part of the joy of receiving a handmade card.


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