Sending Happy Mail


So I was going through my copy of Paint Logic (ペイントロジック) and found one of these odd puzzles so I made copies of it, cut one out and mounted it to a 4.25 inch by 5.50 inch piece of cream cardstock. I then stamped the flower in black, then the sentiment in dark brown. I then colored in the flower using wax based Kaisercolour colored pencils from Australia. I bought them on special from a scrapbooking vendor but haven’t ever seen them for sale elsewhere. They’re not bad, but they have a triangular barrel that I’m not particularly fond of. Still, I have ’em, I’m going to use ’em up.

I will eventually write a little note on some handmade stationery (except for the paper; I’m not that crafty) and send it to a friend in Seattle who needs a little puzzle love.

Make someone’s day yourself and send a little happy mail.


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