Going through the collection #1


So I was going through my collection while I’ve been reorganizing things around here and coming across a lot of my old Velcro mounted stamps.

Back in the mid 1990’s before cling foam and photopolymer came along, the only temporary mounting solution for unmounted rubber dies was Velcro, or more specifically, hook and loop tape since the person who was selling the system wasn’t using Velcro brand. You would get a wide piece of tape roughly six by eight inches and put as many unmounted dies as you could on it, cut the dies out and then use them with these acrylic blocks that had grooves cut into them where strips of hook tape lived. You then could put the stamp on there and it would stick. Once you were done, you just pulled it off and put it back on the storage sheet.

In on-line forums we used to joke about how little fuzzies from the cut loop tape were everywhere on our stamping tables or crafting surfaces after mounting a lot of stamps.

These two “Star Trek: The Next Generation” stamps are from 1992 and were produced by a company called Stamp Oasis. When the license ran out I don’t know who decided to not renew it, but either way the stamps went away. As you can see, they still print perfectly well for 25 year old rubber stamps. I have a ton more but these were the only two I tried to use. I might do a video on my Star Trek themed stamps once I’ve tested them all and make sure they all still print well.

Amazing what I still have in the unmounted bin.


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