Making cookie boxes


I’ve been trying some box patterns using 12 by 12 inch scrapbooking cardstock. This is a heavier stock than the usual scrapbook paper so I was able to make a box out of it.  The sides are each two layers thick after it was folded up and glued, but the base was only one so I put an extra piece of thick cardstock in the bottom.

Since I planned to put homemade cookies in here I had to also line the inside with parchment paper as the cardstock is not rated for food safety. You could also put food items inside a treat bag and then put it in the box, but I liked how the scent of chocolate and vanilla wafted up when you opened the lid.

The box is a 4 by 4 by 4 cube so it doesn’t hold a lot, but it holds enough and it’s a good way to use up some of the thicker scrapbooking cardstock.  I’m going to have to do a few more of these before I do a video, but I was happy enough with the way this came out that I had to share it.


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