12 Days of Christmas Cards #1

For the rest of the days before Christmas, I thought I’d show you the cards that have been coming off of my stamp table lately. So without further ado:


Here you can see some trademarks of my stamping style, most notably the stipple brush inking using a light green color.  I’ve also been trying  to use up the knitted sweater pattern paper that I started using last week. This is why having a scrap folder is so helpful; you can find something to cut a small strip off of rather than having to break out a new sheet every time.

The Santa Claus and sentiment stamp were designed by Altanew and included in an acrylic set that came with a British stamping magazine. The hat and face are stamps, too. I did not color those in by hand.  Normally I don’t care for acrylic stamps as they don’t take ink very well, but I got decent results this time, although I had to stamp the sentiment four times to get an overall even inked impression.

For other cards in this series, when I can put in a link for where you can buy one of the materials I’m using, I will do so, but this was all stuff from my stash which was several years old or went out of print immediately (the acrylic stamps).

I hope you’re having a crafty Christmas!


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