Don’t walk away with the samples


Welcome to 2018! Sorry I haven’t been doing much here, but life happens during the holidays. But it’s a new year filled with new and interesting things to do and make!

What I wanted to start with is an exhortation to please, please not walk away with samples you find at the craft store.

“Can’t they just make another one?” you may ask. Well, no, not really. You see, most of these samples come from the manufacturer. The poinsettia above was sent to them from Memory Box. They did not make it themselves. If someone takes it, and they have to make another sample, they’ll have to open a die set which they can then not sell just to make one sample so they usually just won’t.

When you see the display of photopolymer stamps and dies from Lawn Fawn with samples, I can guarantee you they came from Lawn Fawn. These samples are sent by the manufacturers to help sell their products and if you take them, you may actually hurt store sales and the store may order less from Lawn Fawn in future because of it.

So please, if you see a sample you love and would like to try making yourself, ask if you can take a picture with your phone. The above picture was taken at the University Village Impress and they are 100% okay with you taking pictures so take advantage of that if you see a sample you want to try yourself.


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