Coloring & Stamping: January 2018


I finally had a chance to finish the January 2018 page from the Impress calendar.

Impress Cards & Crafts (a Seattle rubber stamp and papercraft store) always puts out a yearly calendar which fits in a plastic case that looks something like a CD case and it comes in two sizes. If you have a usable case from a previous year, you can buy just the pre-printed inserts for the next year.

Now, if the lions look a little funny, that’s not your imagination. When I stamped them, they weren’t as dark as I wanted them and so I re-inked and stamped again. Normally, when using a MISTI, you’re able to do this, but this time, without my knowing, the paper shifted in the tool so when I re-stamped the image, I got a double vision, blurry looking image. I ended up taking a Sakura Micron pen and filling in the areas which should be black lines and was able to salvage this page. I would show you the mis-stamped images but trust me, you don’t need that kind of eye strain.

I finished this off with stippling and Polychromos pencils. Onto February!

Materials Used:


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