Do we need happy faces on everything?

Another day of looking at new photopolymer stamp set releases. I saw several sets that had some great looking images that I would have gladly used but I will not be purchasing these sets.

Why? Because every single image in these sets has a happy face on it. One set was a breakfast food set with waffles, pancakes, toast, eggs, and bacon. Gorgeous images ruined by sticking two dots and a half circle in the middle of each image.

I don’t know why they can’t do what Lawn Fawn does and put smiley face images in the set. Their recent dessert set does this. Don’t want a happy face on your frozen yogurt cup? Leave it off!

I see this more and more often these days and while I’m not angry or annoyed to the point of writing sternly worded letters to the manufacturers, it does disappoint me that these images have been limited in their use by the addition of a smiley face that could easily be drawn in by hand after the fact.


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