These are MY stamps; I bought them!

Today I was checking out the store Paper Tales in San Diego to see what kind of options this city has. I originally decided to go there as they had a blog post that they had gotten all of the new Lawn Fawn items and I wanted to see them in person rather than on-line so I headed on down there and took a quick trip around the store.

It’s a small but charming store with a lot of fun items in it including a lot of stamps from Lawn Fawn and Avery Elle and I chose a set to buy and went up to the counter to pay. The clerk picked up the set to get the price and said to me, “You were sent here to pick this up for someone, huh?”

I said, “Oh, heck no. This is mine!”

The woman grinned and said, “Oh, good! It’s so rare to see men who do this kind of thing!”

She is certainly not wrong. But it’s the assumption that a man in a stamp store isn’t shopping for himself that irritates me. I can’t even begin to count the times I’ve been to a rubber stamp convention and heard, “Attention, ladies!” when an announcement was made. It’s a minor annoyance and one I’m loathe to make any fuss over; men have certainly excluded women over and over. So I usually just shrug and go about my stamp buying business.

So the clerk and I had a nice chat about stamps and inks and I left knowing I’d be back.


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