Stamping memories: 3D stamping

Twenty-five years ago I attended my first Original Rubber Stamp Convention in Carson, California. I was fairly new to it and this was like visiting Disneyland. When the show opened I made a beeline for the Stampa Barbara booth, for example. This was the rubber promised land and I had two hundred dollars in cash.

One of the things I bought was a stamp set that came with two inks, a stamp and a pair of anaglyphic 3D glasses. The two inks were a dark reddish color and a light blue. There was also a set of instructions on how to use the inks and how to position the images to end up with an image that would appear to either float in front of the paper or in the paper when the anaglyphic glasses were worn.

I went nuts with this thing. One image I can remember doing was a standing Spock from Stamp Oasis with a grass skyline with the Space Needle way in the background. It was amazing. You put the glasses on and Spock stuck way out of the page and floated there.

Eventually the pads ran out of ink and the company that made it had stopped making it so my adventures in the stamped third dimension were over. But boy, was it fun when it lasted.


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