Going through the collection #4

Back when I started down the rubber road, I ran across some really beautiful images from a company called Stampscapes and bought a lot of them. I hadn’t used them in a long time and while I was unpacking I thought that I needed to grab a few and try them out again. This is what I have so far:


The scene is actually comprised of seven separate images, two of which were repeated. Remember when I said don’t be afraid to repeat yourself? Anyway, at this point I would add color with either the tonal applicator stamp (sort of looks like a pear shape made of a lot of tiny dots) or a stipple brush. Since I was stamping on Kromekote I decided against using one of the Tim Holtz ink applicator tools because the foam of the tool will not glide easily against coated paper like this and makes awful squeaking noises.

This will eventually be a postcard and will be mailed to someone. Some folks call this “only ink and paper” stamping “naked stamping” but I prefer to call it basic stamping or core stamping because it requires a thorough knowledge of the core concepts of using rubber stamps.

By the way, have you considered just stamping a postcard, writing a little note, and mailing it? You’ll be surprised how much you’ll make someone’s day with this simple act. Try it some time.


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