In days of yore #1

Back when I first started stamping, pigment inks were still relatively new and almost all of the dye inks available to me were in pads that were flush with the edges of the container and had a hinged lid. The first raised dye pads were a few years off, so if you had larger stamps you couldn’t use dye ink with them.

There were some big stamps, too. Stampa Barbara had a candy box stamp that almost required you to step on it in order to get a clean impression. The local store in San Diego that I shopped at, Stamptastic, had a television stamp that was big enough to cover an 8.5 x 11 inch piece of cardstock. in each case, you had to stamp with pigment ink or spent a lot of time coloring with Marvy markers because you couldn’t use a dye pad on them.

This came back to me today when I was looking at some pads with pastel inks that came in a container with a hinged lid that didn’t fold back on itself (like the Versacolor pads) which made inking anything large a real problem.

That used to be the norm. It isn’t now, thank goodness.


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