The dreaded grammatical error stamp

I was looking at Simon Says Stamp’s new Mother’s Day stamp set (Mom’s Clematis) today when I noticed that the large block of text stamp in the lower left had a grammatical error. It’s a very minor error and one that I see every day. Specifically using the adjective “everyday” as an adverb.

While errors in stamps aren’t common, they do happen. I’ve seen a stamp that says, “Quit while your ahead.” I saw another that said, “Everything in it’s place.” I really feel bad when it’s a rubber stamp that has the error since I know that someone had to etch that mistake into a plate to make the mold. It’s not like photopolymer where you can fix the master art file before you do another print run. If you want to fix the error you’ll have to etch a whole new master and that’s the most expensive part of the whole process.

I’ve been asked, “Why do you care? It’s just a minor mistake! And language changes!” Well, I care because it’s me. You won’t find me banging on the door of a manufacturer’s office shouting, “YOU GOT IT WRONG, YOU KNUCKLEHEADS!!” but it does disappoint me when it happens.


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