Assembly line card making

I’ve been watching other YouTube content makers this week and noticed that there are several of them who make a lot of cards in a near assembly-line manner. They put all the stamps in the MISTI, then stamp a bunch of cardstock, color it all in one big session, then adhere it to the card blank and voila, a stack of cards.

So I tried doing that myself, and it actually made me not enjoy the process and I gave up after starting the coloring. To me, that took a lot of the joy and fun out of the process. I discovered while trying this process that I much prefer to sit at my stamp table, look at my collection and stamp where my heart takes me rather than design something and then make a bunch of cards in a row with the same design.

I actually envy the folks who can do that. I’m sure folks love getting a box of stationery from these stampers because it’s beautiful, hand-made stuff that just happens to look all the same, but I can’t do that.

How do you stamp?


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