The joy of chaos

Normally, I lay out my card designs in nicely ordered fashion, but every so often you just have to be a little chaotic. For example:


This was a card I made to send to a friend along with a letter and it’s a phrase she uses all the time and adores so when I remembered I had a stamp with that phrase I had to make a card for her using it.  The only thing I designed in advance was where to put the sentiment (in the center). The rest of it was happened by just going through my stamp collection and seeing if any particular image grabbed my attention and I threw it on there without too much thought as to placement.

Once I had finished adding stamped images, I colored in the individual images using Polychromos pencils, then stippled on some beige ink and then edged the card piece with brown ink and adhered it to the card. I think it came out pretty well. Not bad for chaos.

Try embracing the chaos once in a while in your own projects. You might like what you see.


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