Is a stamp company when there aren’t any stamps?

A lot of us are on e-mail lists for various stamp companies. There’s something akin to Christmas when you get an e-mail from a company you like that says, “New items!”

So imagine my glee when receiving a message from Memory Box and Poppystamps that their summer collections were available. I’ve been buying Memory Box stuff for um… well… a long time okay? I really like their stuff and so I wanted to see what was in it.

Now imagine my disappointment when the entire collection is just dies. I’m a stamper, not a die-cutter. I needs me some stamps.

Ahem, anyway, this made me think it odd that a company called Poppystamps didn’t actually have any stamps in their summer collection. I guess Poppydies sounds kind of ominous maybe?

I’m still going to look through the dies, of course. While I may be disappointed that there aren’t any stamps, these companies make nice looking dies and there may be something in there I can use my stamps with, after all.


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